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Amethyst High Bar Ring

Amethyst High Bar RingAmethyst High Bar RingAmethyst High Bar Ring

The High Bar ring can intimidate as much as it invites- is it gentle adornment or a brass knuckle? Rich purple amethyst with bright white inclusions decorates this open-structured yet solid ring.


The solid brass face of this ring is just under one inch wide and .33" tall with a thick band for comfort.

Our Materials
Our Materials

Brass: an alloy that closely matches the tone of yellow gold, oxidizes over time to a darker shade.

Amethyst: a variety of quartz, hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

Learn more about these materials and long term care on our FAQ page.

Shipping Times
Shipping Times

This ring is ready to ship. Orders will be mailed out on Tuesdays or Fridays based on when they are received.