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Little V Ring

Little V RingLittle V RingLittle V Ring

Say it with us: VULVA! A beautiful and powerful body part that deserves all the love and celebration we can offer. This ring is for any body, because we know that not all women have vulvas and not all people with vulvas are women.


Each ring is made by hand, and like every body, each one is a little bit different.

Our Materials
Our Materials

Brass: an alloy that closely matches the tone of yellow gold, oxidizes over time to a darker shade.

Silver: hypoallergenic for most wearers, oxidizes with lack of wear.

Learn more about these materials and long term care on our FAQ page.

Shipping Times
Shipping Times

These earrings are ready to ship. Orders will be mailed out on Tuesdays or Fridays based on when they are received.